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10 Best Nude Beaches In Europe

With the hope of being closely connected to nature, more and more nudists have started to indulge in skinny-dipping

While the practice is highly frowned upon in countries all around the world, the Europeans are known for their more relaxed and tolerant attitudes making the continent a haven for sun-starved flesh. So take your adventurous mode a notch up and visit one of these nudist shores, the nude beaches of Europe to work that tan.

In Europe, being on a nude beach means 'I feel comfortable with my body,' not 'I'm here for a hook-up' so remember, no matter on which nude beach or any naturists places you land, whether on fluke or intentionally, don't behave crass and rude. Which means no taking pictures of people, no pointing, giggling or laughing and NO FLIRTING.

You can read the descriptions of naturist beaches in Europe by visiting the address:

Beach in Croatia


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