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Volleyball in the nude… as never captured before?

Sports in the buff is fun, and volleyball is probably the favorite game among naturists – perhaps because it is also a perfect beach sport?

There are numerous naked volleyball tournaments, with more and more appearing every year, and the major ones in North America are listed at 


And although the uniting theme is volleyball, some participants contribute with other activities, such as DJing or fire-spinning, as I filmed at SunnyBowl last year. What is really nice about nudist volleyball events is that there are players of all levels of experience, from complete novice to professional, so you’ll surely find a team where you can fit well!


The biggest nudist tournament in volleyball is held at White Thorn Lodge in Pennsylvania, and when I visited it for the first time 2 years ago, the level of games simply blew my mind! But I also found it strange that none of that was photographed and filmed. I thought that awesomeness was too good not to be shared with the rest of the world, and dreamt to change that.





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