The difference between this site and many other sites that portrays the nude body form, is that we are a Christian naturist site

What is a Christian naturist? As Christians we uphold the moral values taught by our savior Jesus Christ while as naturists we enjoy being nude in a non-erotic way, non-sexual way. In short, we are committed to a Christian, international, natural, family centered, and naturist set of Core Values.

You are welcome to visit the forums and other links as a guest, however we ask that you register as a member of the site to interact and to access special features. There is never any financial obligation for membership, although contributions are welcomed to keep this non profit ministry going. We use registration as a means of simple identification and so we may better welcome you into this family of seekers with the love and warmth that is so characteristic of the members of this site. We do not sell or otherwise pass any of your personal details to any other party. 

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